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    Message from the Festival Chairman

    We take what we see, hear and go through in this world and give it back with a bit of ourselves in the language of sounds and pictures caught on celluloid or digital format in a conspiracy of light and lens. And then we share and celebrate what we have done on platforms like the Jaipur International Film Festival which, in its 8th year, is on its way to getting recognised not only as the fastest growing .

    international film festival among the world's most prestigious international film events but also as one of the USPs of Jaipur along with its culture, colour, crafts, arts, architecture and tourism.

    This year, while there will be seminars, workshops, debates and discussions on various aspects of the art of film making, there will be special focus on screenwriting and screenwriters, the first stars of any film as before the screenwriter comes in a film is just a blank piece of paper or a laptop screen.

    So welcome to the most stimulating, enriching, enlightening, entertaining and rewarding 5 days that you may have in 2016 at JIFF 2016.


    Kamlesh Pandey

    Festival Chairman


    Message from the Founder Director of the Festival

    Dear Friends,

    The 8th Jaipur International Film Festival is going to be the biggest film event of the year in Rajasthan. This Festival is a unique cultural platform where latest achievements in cinema are viewed, discussed and debated for both their narrative and technical merits by discerning audience of cinema.

    We are happy that ours is the first event of the New Year in the International Film Festival circuit.

    This year we are presenting to a selection of 152 best feature films, short films and documentaries from around 100 countries mostly made within the last two years. The selection of films for the Festival has been made out of 2176 films submitted. This year we are introducing an exclusive event to discuss new trends in screenplay writing. There will be two co-production meets and a section of the festival will be dedicated to screenplay writers.

    We have decided to celebrate the 8th Edition of Jaipur International Film Festival as paperless festival, completely discarding the use paper and paper made materials for publicity. Instead, digital and other media will be used for publicity and other business activities of the Festival.

    The organizing committee of JIFF has decided to brand Jaipur as “Clean City”. There would be no promotional billboards, banners, hoardings to maintain a clean heritage look of the historic Pink City for the visitors.

    JIFF is marching forward. Incessant efforts right from the first edition has resulted in the improved quality of the festival so far. We are aware that there is still room for improvement. Necessary course correction at appropriate stages will improve the festival and we will take it to new heights with all your support. JIFF relies on the efforts and enthusiasm of many people to bring our festival to fruition. I would like to extend very sincere thanks to everyone who is helping us to make this wonderful event possible and to our enthusiastic delegates who are our backbone.

    After the festival we are going to start work for World’s Most Secure and Largest Film Library in Jaipur. So please keep in touch. We will travel globally for this initiative.

    And please download first JIFF APP for daily updates from google app store. It will be more helpful for each show, workshop and seminars and also for all other activities.

    Together we can make JIFF 2016 a profound and memorable experience for everyone.

    Hanu Roj

    Founder Director