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MEMBERSHIP OPEN avail the JIFF and Library services and view the films by becoming its member. Click here

JIFF 2017: Opening and Closing Films Announced SILA SAMAYANGALIL (SOMETIMES) from India and DANA DANA (PEARL PEARL) from Iraq to be opening films. SURVIVOR from China and NERUDA from Chile to be Closing Films.
JIFF 2017 Day by Day Film Screening Schedule

Day 1      I    7th Jan     Saturday      Click here

Day 2      I    8th Jan     Sunday      Click here

Day 3      I    9th Jan     Monday      Click here

Day 4      I    10th Jan     Tuesday      Click here

Day 5      I    11th Jan     Wednesday      Click here

JIFF is inviting applications for youth ambassadors only from Jaipur Colleges/Universities to represent JIFF in respective College/University.

Student can send bio data with name, class, college name, date of birth, email id, mobile number, full address and facebook account details (facebook link) along with special note that why he/she want to become a youth ambassador and why Jury members should finalize your name for JIFF 2017 youth ambassador. Send before 30 December at For More: Click here

FIRST LIST of Nominated/Selected films has been released on 5 November 2016. Click here

Second LIST of Nominated/Selected films has been released today on 5 December 2016. Click here


Any college student/s (personal or in a group) can make a short film: fiction or documentary with duration of one to five minutes and submit till 29 December, 2016. Submission is free. You can shoot using your mobile camera or any camera. Upload this film on YouTube and mail us the YouTube link with your name, photo, mobile number, college name and address at-
You may choose any of these issues:- Children/Women/Human Rights, Cyber Crime, Democracy, Environments, Pollution, Child Marriage etc. you can choose and finalize any issue from your side also. No Limitations. Top three films selected by jury will be announced in Closing Ceremony of JIFF on 11 Jan at Golcha Cinema, Jaipur.
First prize: INR 5000 I Second Prize: INR 2100 I Third prize: INR 1100

Re Think Programme

Awareness programme to groom students and youth to become responsible citizens and leaders. For More: Click here

International Screenplay Competition ISC@JIFF (Submit till 15 December)

From 1 April till 15 December 2016, experienced & new producers/directors/writers from all over the world can register or submit their script/s. For More: Click here

Submit your film in Film Market - The Merchat (Submit till 15 December)

Submit your film in Film Market - The Merchant till 15 December. We are fully prepared to open the ‘The Merchant’ for everyone…The Merchant is a film market at Jaipur International Film Festival. For More: Click here

Co Production Meets in Jaipur India (Submit till 15 December)

Two days (9 and 10 Jan 2017) special programme will give you opportunities to meet the global partners that will move your projects forward: Co-Producers, Sales Agents, Distributors, Financiers, Directors, Film Festival Organizers, Film Commissions and Film Fraternity Members. Click here

JIFF-Progressing Year on Year….


Films received

Films screened



Inaugurated by

2009 150 59 8 1/1 A group of people
2010 350 87 41 1/1 Mr. Arun Dutt
2011 650 144 67 2/3 Shri Ashok Gehlot & Smt Bina Kak
2012 917 179 70 6/6 Smt Jaya Bachchan
2013 1397 217 90 7/10 Smt. Hema Malini
2014 1587 156+156 90+ 3/5 A group of people
2015 1807 159 100+ 3/4 Mr. Anupam Kher and Mr. Shaji N. Karun
2016 2176 152 100+ 6/7 Mr. Prakash Jha

JIFF Achievements…

  • JIFF is world’s first film festival which received films from 100 countries within its only 7 years existence.

  • JIFF is 1st film festival in the history of Indian film festivals which was organized at 10 screen in 2013.

  • 3 films (6 awards) received National Film Awards 2015 from JIFF 2016.

  • 4 films (5 awards) received National Film Awards 2014 from JIFF 2015.

  • 7 films received 8 National Film Awards which films submitted /nominated in JIFF 2014.

  • 10 films have received National Film Awards and 1 feature film have received Academy Award (Oscar) after being
    awarded at the Jaipur International Film Festival in previous years.

  • When JIFF announced the guest country to France in 2011 after that Cannes Film Festival launched the Guest country category.

  • JIFF launched maximum programs in minimum time all over the world.

  • Jaipur International Film Festival is the world’s fastest growing and now a prestigious Film Festival.

Where you are living does not matter, if you are a film buff, come to JIFF, Jaipur every January. You can find and see wonderful films, world Cinema, Oscar nominee films, films in many regional languages of the World, debut directors film at one place. Meet here with talented people & film makers, writers, directors, producers, distributors, sales agents, find here new thoughts, ideas and business. WELCOME at New Emerging Film Capital of India & the World.