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In English Media

                                                                                    Media Coverage JIFF 2016

The Jaipur International Film Festival (JIIF) fever is catching up with art and culture enthusiasts in the state.
The festival will offer an opportunity for film makers of short films to witness movies from different culture.
-Times of India

Cinema is said to be the mirror of our society and Jaipur's movie buffs and cityzens will have another opportunity to view some great cinematic action.

The film festival had films mainly based on social issues. 
Preparation are being made on a war footing for the upcoming Jaipur International Film Festival (JIIF)
-Hindustan Times

This kind of festival would encourage the young talents and their creativity on silver screen.
-Arun Dutt said (Press Trust of India-PTI)

Apart from Indian films, JIFF 2010 has received entries from 41 countries.
-Press Trust of India (PTI)